5 Best Websites To Learn Programming For Free

One of the most abundant things on the web are resources to learn about everything you can think of, and programming is a skill that you can obtain through a host of platforms that offer you from courses and programs to specialties or simple tutorials about how much programming language exists.

Now that more and more developers are learning on their own and at the same time university degrees are less important, launching yourself fully into training by taking advantage of resources available on the Internet is always a good idea and an excellent starting point. So here are some of the best websites to learn how to program for free.

1. Codecademy

Codecademy is famous for having been one of the first platforms to learn how to program for free on the web and writing code directly. Over time it has evolved and offers a whole series of specialization programs through paid subscriptions.

However, in Codecademy there is still a wide variety of free courses, especially in terms of basic things and even in Spanish and other languages, so it is a good place to start. Whether you want to study HTML and CCS, Java, Python, JavaScript, C #, R, PHP, C ++, and more.

2. Freecodecamp

In this website, you can not only learn to program for free but at the same time, you will gain experience writing code for non-profit organizations. At freeCodeCamp, they have a series of complete specialization programs to learn how to program from scratch.

In the end, you will get not only the theoretical and practical knowledge, but they will give you certification. From responsive web design to frontend libraries, data visualization, algorithms, and data structures with JavaScript, APIs, and microservices, and more. All through interactive lessons, articles, and videos available to the public completely free.

3. Youtube

If there is something leftover on YouTube it is content, and the educational one — luckily — is as abundant as the nonsense of people eating soap. For example, not long ago Microsoft decided to offer 44 videos to learn how to program with Python if you are a beginner.

The freeCodeCamp itself has an excellent channel with more learning resources and many tutorials and mini-courses. And while those are all in English, there are also a huge number of programming channels in different languages that teach things for both beginners and more advanced developers.

4. CodingPanel.com

Relatively not so popular, CodingPanel.com offers programming tutorials for beginners and advanced developers. This website offers tutorials of different programming languages including C++, JavaScript, PHP, and React.

This website regularly brings useful how-to guides and tutorials to gain more knowledge and become more creative while programming and develop good programs and applications.

5. Progate

Progate is an interesting platform where you can learn to program for free with the help of slides. Progate has courses in HTML and CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails5, Java, Python, Git, SQL, Sass, Go, React, PHP and the command line.

While not all of his lessons are free, 18 of them are, so it also serves as a good starting point to get started with the basics and complete a few exercises.

6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide free education for everyone. Its course catalog is quite extensive and its computer science section is an excellent resource.

There you will find everything you need to learn about algorithms, cryptography, information theory, and the Internet. There is also a section to learn how to create interactive websites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even one to create databases with SQL.

Deepak Gupta is blogger, entrepreneur, marketer, and owner for several stunning technology blogs.