What You Should Know About Online Gambling Bonuses and Promotions

Most of our complaints about online casino fraud are due to the fact that players are confused about the online bonus terms and conditions.

Often, when raising a complaint about an online dealer or reporting that a player has not received a payment, our first response is: “If you fully understand the terms and conditions described by the bonus offered?”

Unfortunately, this is something that makes for a lot of misunderstandings along the way and leads to players giving online casinos a bad reputation.

On the other side of the coin however, players contacted us what to do, read the terms and conditions, have met the wagering requirements and find themselves a victim of an online scam.

So let’s start by understanding the basics of a signup bonus.

Most online operators offer players an incentive to register a new account at their online casino, poker room or online bingo room.

For example, a common signup bonus would read something like this:

125% Initial Deposit Bonus! Receive a 125% bonus on your FREE initial deposit!

This seems to be first for most people, especially if they are new to online gaming and have never gone through the process of:

A. selecting an online casino that is completely safe and has a high reputation like fun888, one of the popular gambling sites online.

B. sign up for an account

C. select a deposit option

Now let’s break the bonus into a mathematical equation:

Deposit $ 20 to $ 100 and get a 125% bonus or deposits of $ 101 to $ 100,000 and get $ 125 FREE on the first $ 100 plus an extra 25% on the rest of your deposit!

Bonus Example: Deposit $ 350 and receive $ 125 on the first $ 100 of your deposit plus 25% ($ 62.50) on the remaining $ 250.

A total of $ 187.50 ($ 125 + $ 62.50 = $ 187.50) in bonuses, giving you a starting balance of ($ 350 + $ 187.50 =) $ 537.50!

Now, don’t forget that you still have to read the terms and conditions that apply:

For example in the example above, you may have to use this initial bonus on certain games, meet a wagering requirement, this is usually wagering xxx times your deposit plus bonus on valid games, etc.

The same applies to all types of bonuses, ie free play, no deposit bonus, etc., it is important to read the terms and conditions and understand the wagering requirements you must meet to receive payouts and deposits for your account players.

With all of that said I hope this will help in choosing a deposit bonus based online casino and if you have become a victim of an online casino scam, please use the form on the right, or on our contact page to submit your complaint.

Deepak Gupta is blogger, entrepreneur, marketer, and owner for several stunning technology blogs.

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